Our Difference


We model a facilitative and adaptive style to fully engage participants in the experience and tailor the learning to the specific needs of the team.  Our methods involve:

  • a servant-leader approach, not investing ego but expertise to grow your team’s capacity and body of knowledge;
  • taking care to understand your internal organization and your external environment to the fullest extent so our time together can be more engaging from start to finish;
  • creating a safe space for candid reflection and delving into difficult issues while keeping conversations steered toward problem resolution;
  • effective use of 21st century modes of learning to engage, collaborate and spur action from all involved; and
  • assessing the work that we do together and following up with your team to reinforce best practices.


With the non-profit Greater Capacity Consortium, you are tapping an objective, credible and networked source. Our customized preparation and expert facilitation ensures that our time together results not only in a gain of knowledge, but squarely addresses issues of greatest relevance to your situation. We focus on mapping agreed-upon change and helping structure tiered solutions so that participants can improve policy and practice right away and ultimately propel the team to a higher level of functioning and success.

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